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We can connect international buyers to an extensive range of land available for sale across Victoria.

As land values vary, investors need to know where to look for land with the greatest potential for development and/or capital gain. Supply and demand has always been a key driver of price growth. As the demand for new homes continues to rise, LAND will continue to increase in value.

Our active involvement with industry groups such as UDIA (Urban Development Institute of Australia and MPA (Metropolitan Planning Authority) ensures that we are always up to date with current government planning policies. Staying informed on Melbourne’s market trends and investigation areas plays a significant role to assist our investors in acquiring quality stock in the prominent growth areas.

Our vast knowledge and leading experience in the Englobo Urban Land Sales, Residential Development Acquisition, Estate Management, Project Marketing & Property Investment sectors allow us to provide clients with pathways, opportunities and a mind-set to achieve the goal required.

Foreign Investment – FIRB

Overseas investors are capitalising on the opportunities in Australia’s real estate market while both local and overseas buyers are driving strong demand for residential housing stock. The Australian Government welcomes foreign investment making it relatively easy for foreign investors to enter the Australian market.

The ownership of land in Australia provides for registration of the title at the land registry of the relevant state or territory. The acquisition of Australian real estate by foreign persons is subject to notification and approval requirements under the Foreign Acquisition and Takeovers Act and Australia’s Foreign Investment Policy. Notifications are required to be made to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) for approval.

More information on FIRB Process, Click Here

Melbourne’s Precinct
Structure Plans – PSP

Precinct Structure Plans (PSP’s) are the primary tool for planning new communities in Melbourne’s growth areas. They are master plans to help realise the vision of developing liveable communities and are essential to improving the quality of developments and timelines of community infrastructure and services.

Eleet Real Estate strategically select land that is within the Victorian Urban Growth Boundary, Urban Growth Zones, and within the planned or complete precinct structure planned area. By doing this, our exclusivity on land is in the pathway of future growth whilst increasing in value.

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There are many reasons why Melbourne has been crowned the most liveable city in the world – for five years in a row. You can’t go wrong with decision of Investing in one of the most liveable cities.